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Selenium and Sperm. Selenium is a mineral with a number of vitally important functions in your body. It is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, therefore is required for a healthy metabolism. Selenium is also required for the production of your body’s .

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Selenium Deficiency Can lead to Infertility. Selenium is a major micro-mineral antioxidant important for immune and thyroid function, breast health in women and needed to increase male fertility. Men loose selenium in semen and deficiency has been linked to low .

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Zinc and selenium exert beneficial effects on spermatogenesis. Supplementation with these two nutrients has been shown to improve sperm quality in clinical studies. Supplementation should be undertaken with care, however; large doses of selenium can be toxic, and overuse of zinc can lead to malabsorption of other nutrients, such as copper. Dr.

Jan 23, · 5 Selenium (Se) is important for reproductive functions such as testosterone metabolism and is a constituent of sperm capsule selenoprotein. The administration of Se to subfertile patients induced a statistically significant rise in sperm motility.6 Se is an essential trace element occurring in organic and inorganic forms. The organic form is found predominantly in grains, fish, meat, poultry, Cited by: Selenium Benefits for Male Fertility. Selenium is considered to be beneficial for male fertility, as a diet high in selenium can improve the sperm quality. A research has shown that fertile men have a higher amount of selenium in their body and blood than infertile men. A number of infertile male patients have been given selenium for a few months.
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Sperm cells are also sensitive to selenium deficiency, as selenium makes up part of the protein substances in the sperm tail. Selenium deficiency can cause deformed or impaired sperm .

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S Stands for Selenium and Sperm. Sperm cells are exquisetly sensitive to the effects of environmental chemicals and dietary toxins. Sperm take between 74 and 78 days to form and men are continually producing new sperm. In fact a young and healthy man produces more than four million sperm . Hawkes and Turek · Dietary Selenium and Sperm Motility expressed at higher levels in rat testes than in any other tissue (Roveri et al, ) and is present in the head and midpiece of sperm cells (Godeas et al, ), where it protects the sperm from oxidative damage and serves a dual role as the mitochondrial capsule selenoprotein (Ur- sini et Cited by:

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Selenium is a mineral commonly found in soil, water and foods such as Brazil Nuts, Oysters and Tuna. It contributes to the formation of normal sperm and can improve their motility, meaning they’ll become stronger swimmers.

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